You can learn to sing!

Singing is one of the most impressive ways to experience music directly on your very own body. No other instrument is so connected to the body as the human voice. Everybody sings now or then, in the shower, on the bike or along the radio. Singing is something very natural and apparently a human need. But how does a voice actually work? What do you do with your breath? What happens in your body when you sing very loud or very soft?

Sometimes you just want to take that step further to be able to sing that beautiful song or aria. And in a most natural way. You want to enjoy it after all. In my lessons you will learn how singing evolves from a pure technique slowly into an organic part of your expression. We work with beautiful songs or arias (which you can bring or I choose for you according to your progress and level ) from the inexhaustible source of classical music or musical and if desired a bit of pop, and will support this work with appropriate exercises. You can be taught individually or together in a group of up to 3 students. Weekly or every 2 weeks.

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